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Caleb Dunn

Caleb Dunn


Moncton, New Brunswick


“Dunn’s the name and racing’s the game”

He competed in stock car races throughout the Maritimes, Eastern USA, Florida and Ontario from 1951 through 1989. He drove his stock cars to win. Over the years he won honour after honour and trophy after trophy.

He started his career on dirt tracks but easily adapted to asphalt. The car number that most would associate with Caleb Dunn was #12.

It would take pages to express what Caleb has done in stock car racing.

He had other interests as well such as hockey, softball and snowmobile races but stock car racing was his passion.

In 2001 Caleb received another great honour – he was inducted into the Wall of Fame in Moncton, NB.

Caleb Dunn passed away May 28, 2012; he was 84.

Induction Date
November 18, 2006