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Local News & Views

Local News & Views

Our monthly community newspaper is distributed free in the Petitcodiac area. Subscriptions are also available to those who wish to have our popular paper delivered by mail; the cost is just $35 per year. Call 506.756.2110 to subscribe.

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Promoting local businesses and people in Petitcodiac, Salisbury, Havelock, Elgin, River Glade, and surrounding areas.

The Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame was built to preserve and to promote motorsports.  After much work between the stakeholders and different levels of government, it became reality.

On October 16, 2009 the doors were open to the general public to enjoy, reminisce and learn more about the motor sports in the Maritimes.

Now comes the task of making this wonderful place self sufficient, and one way we will do this is through the pages of our news bulletin “Local News & Views.” Just as the entire local communities assisted in many ways, Local News and Views will not only promote the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame, but also will promote the communities in their day to day business and lives marking it truly a local paper.

Local News & Views will be delivered during the first week of each month via Canada Post and our website www.maritimemotorsporthalloffame.com . It will go into every household in the Villages of Petitcodiac and Salisbury, as well as Havelock, Elgin and River Glade and surrounding areas. Also it will be available at the Municipal Information Center within the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame.


To advertise in the Local News & Views please call  Angela Nicholson at 506-756-2110 or email maritimemotorsports@gmail.com.