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Nomination Process & Form

updated for 2023

Bios can be submitted either digitally by email (maritimemotorsports@gmail.com) or
sent to the address below:
Maritime Motorsports Hall Of Fame Inc & Museum
5 Hooper Lane,
Petitcodiac, NB
* The candidate has to be a past or present legal resident of the Maritime Provinces (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick) However, if a non-resident, competed the vast majority of their career within those Provinces the Maritime Motor Sports Hall of Fame Board will consider the candidate’s career. All completed bios must be received by the Hall of Fame board by the first day of April. The actual induction ceremonies take place in November.

All bios remain permanently on file. You must include the candidate’s date of birth, place of birth, total years and dates lived the Maritimes, date deceased, if applicable, and complete current address and phone number, email. The author shall also provide their own complete current address and phone info, and explain relationship to candidate. (Wife, husband, son, daughter, friend, fan, associate, etc.) Elements needed for a concise, to the point, easy to read bio.

Keep the facts and events of a candidate’s career in chronological order. Start at the beginning and work forward. Please do not jump around from decade to decade, and do not insert facts and info out of order as to when they happened. Write as much history about the candidate as you please, we will always want and need as much info as we can get for our historical archives. However, realize that for the balloting/voting/and induction process, we have to condense the highlights of a candidate’s career down to ONE 8 1/2″ x 11”-word processor-written (type-written) page.

As the author of a given candidate’s bio, you would speed up the submittal process by writing a shortened, condensed one page bio, as well as a longer version, if you wish. Consider including a “Quick-Facts” chronological reference sheet along with the bio. On a left column put the years, from the career beginning, and then place the major highlights of each year on the right-hand column.

Be sure to include basic facts such as:

  • Specific type of motor sports nominated for
  • List any and all roles filled in motor sports by candidate; driver, official,
    owner, engine machinist & builder, crew chief, mechanic, etc.
  • Include info in regards to any other motor sports experience and
  • How original interest was developed
  • First year racing
  • Last year racing
  • Location of first & last race or competition
  • List important wins at the local level
  • List important wins at the regional or divisional level
  • List important wins at the national and world level
  • List track, regional, national, and world records
  • Most memorable feat or cherished memory in motor sports career
  • Names of spouse and children
  • Names of racing partners and associates
  • Include as many copies of photos as you can, including a quality head photo of the candidate. This is very necessary for our archival photo collection, our induction process, and for our public exhibit display.


Please go to one of the various copies making outlets that have a laser copier. These machines will make copies of your originals that look as good as the originals, color or black and white. Please do as much research as possible on a bio, and please double check all of the facts. We realize that this is sometimes difficult. An example would be when you are the third, or even fourth family generation away from a candidate who is possibly deceased, and other first-hand sources have passed on also. Nonetheless, we would implore you to ensure the greatest possible accuracy and documentation in your findings.

Don’t “embellish” the facts if you’re not sure of them. The Maritime Motor Sports Hall of Fame Board appreciates and welcomes all legitimate biography submittals. We also welcome all donations of memorabilia of all types, to include photo, scrap book yearly kept log book, and other collections. As we are a Non-Profit organization, your donations are welcomed.

*The nomination submission rules have been revised starting January 1, 2023 to include the requirements for Motor Sport participants. All Biography submissions received prior to January 1, 2023 are still held in files are Grandfathered, and still under consideration.

Incomplete Bio’s will be returned with “More information required” after a couple of years. The author may complete information and resubmit. A candidate could be elected in their first year or it could take up to ten years or more.

Competitor (Drivers/Riders) All Motor Sports
Must have excelled in Motor Sports skills, attained prominence in the Maritimes and/or National or International level.

Recreational (Snowmobile, Motorcycle, ATV)

Restoration & Specialties (any Motorized vehicle)

Motor Sports Builders (Including officials, promoters, sponsors, media and Clubs). One who has made an outstanding contribution to the Maritime Motor Sports heritage and culture. Has shown ongoing dedication to the building of the sport itself.

Team The members of the team will be inducted as a group. Must have worked together to show a team effort and sportsmanship. The team must have attained a high level of excellence and brought honor to the Maritimes and to Motor Sports.

Nominations for this celebration MUST be in by April first to be
considered for current year. Any individual may submit a nomination. Each nomination is valid for three consecutive years. The nomination committee will review all nominations.

A detailed account of the inductee’s contributions to Maritime Motor Sports must be provided. That is: pictures, championships, honors, awards, achievements and other recognitions with dates and must be included. Further information on your nomination may be required.

Final selection will take place by September first. The names will be released to the person making the nomination and then made public.

If enough information has not been supplied nomination will be sent back to be completed.

OUR PLEDGE: Each recipient will be chosen based on their outstanding contribution to their particular discipline in Maritime Motor Sports. It is important we honor participants of the Maritime Motor Sport industry who have been meaningful to its development.

Nominations can be submitted digitally by email, or by mail (using the address on the form).

Printable Nomination Formclick here

These cases typically involve serious crimes and
moral corruption that have led to arrests and charges to the Inductee, a crime that most members would find to be repulsive and reprehensible. All members will have a vote and majority will determine the results if the inductee will remain or be terminated.