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Dean Murray

Dean Murray


Steeves Mountain, New Brunswick; longtime resident of Kleinburg, Ontario


With gold cowboy boots and hat, ‘Dizzy’ Dean Murray was prominent in Canadian motorsports for three decades…

Notable achievements:

1963 – founder, editor, and publisher of Wheelspin News – one of the original all auto racing trade papers in North America; it (he) covered all forms of auto racing

Started working as an announcer soon thereafter to promote his paper; worked at stock car and drag tracks throughout Ontario

Instrumental in getting Molson involved in Canadian motorsports in the 1970s

1974 – founder and promoter of the Motion Custom Car Show; it ran until 1989

Motorsports consultant

Sponsor of races and race cars

Of special interest:

Born in New Brunswick in 1936 and moved to Ontario in his 20s

Dubbed ‘Dizzy’ due to his wackiness when announcing at stock car races

A showman in the truest sense of the word

Sold the newspaper and car show prior to his retirement in 1989

Inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1995

Since 2006, the “Dizzy” Award is presented annually at Toronto’s Speedorama

‘Dizzy’ Dean Murray passed away suddenly on March 18, 2008; he was 71.

Induction Date
November 17, 2012