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Debby Hallahan

Debby Hallahan


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Her most exciting moment – “Racing …just racing!” Debbie began racing stock cars in 1977 at the early age of 15 years. Her first car was a pink and baby blue rotary powered Mazda #33 Mini Stock also known as Pony Class, depending on where she was racing.

1981 her car # was 19 indicating her age. She was the only female racer at the Onslow Speedway. 1982 she attended Southard’s Racing School in Florida, where she learned under NASCAR driver Dick Trickle.

Over her 8 years of racing, she competed at such tracks as Onslow Speedway, River Glade Speedway- where she won her first race, Atlantic Speedway, and Riverside Speedway.

Induction Date
November 14, 2009