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Dwight Giddens

Dwight Giddens


Bible Hill, Nova Scotia


1973 – Dwight became interested in Stock Car Racing. 1974 – crewmember and engine builder for Rick Upham. 1975 he and Rick purchased a modified car and became R&D Racing. 1977 they bought John Chisholm’s racing equipment. 1982 – Dwight went full time at his shop, called R&D Performancenter. 1985 – he built Greg Sewart’s engines & helped with chassis setups. Greg won 4 MASCAR Championships. Dwight introduced an “Inventory Number Sequencing” system for the race tires, manufactured by Hoosier Tire. Hoosier used his system throughout North America. The bar code system is the industry standard today. 2004, he was the Legends dealer for the Maritimes and their President from 2008 to 2013. R&D Performancenter was sold in 2006. His insight was sought by race promotes, touring groups, competitors, fellow builders, and suppliers.

Induction Date
November 18, 2022