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Earl Doucette

Earl Doucette


New Brunswick


Earl Doucette is a Motocross enthusiast.! He started following motocross on TV in 1972. He saw his first live race in 1974 and thought that it was “the coolest”. He started racing in 1975.

Earl was a member of the Westmorland Cycle Club and one of a group of five that founded the River Glade Motocross Track in 1977. In 1978 he got his first podium finish at River Glade. In 1981 he moved into the Pro Class. In 1982 he became an official doing tech inspections, known as referring. In 1983 would become an Atlantic Region race official.

In 1987 he became a promoter, a dream come true. I 2005 Earl was one of five to purchase the River Glade property. He has been to every race held at River Glade Motocross since 1977.

Induction Date
November 5, 2011