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Gerry Marshall

Gerry Marshall


Nova Scotia


Started his motorcycle career in Halifax in 1951. In 1952 he acquired his first Motorcycle, a 1940 Norton Model 18.

From 1952 through to 2004 Gerry was a touring rider in Germany and North America.

1957 the first ever Canadian National Scrambles Championship was run at Delson, Quebec, Gerry won the 500cc Export riding a A.J.S. 18CS. 1958 & ’59 he took 1st overall in SMCC One Hour Scramble.

In the 70’s, competed in road races at Penfield Ridge NB. He won the 76-mile McConney race overall, Debert and A.M.P. At A.M.P. he set the original lap record for motorcycles at 1 minute 25 seconds during the inaugural race.

1993 the Ironman Award at Rocky Ridge Pastmasters Trails. 1995 first in Pre 1965 Expert, AHRMA Trials, Ocala Florida.

2001 Pre 1965 Class North American Vintage Trials Champion, Laconia, NH. 2002, ’03 Vintage Road Racing Association series Winner P2 S.V. Lightweight

2003 First place Pro Vintage, AMP 2003 North American Vintage Road Champion, Lightweight S/V Grand Prix Loudon, NH

2006 Inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall Of Fame

Gerry Marshall passed away on August 24, 2019.

Induction Date
November 6, 2010