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Heidi Cooke

Heidi Cooke


Nova Scotia


“One female rider that made it in Motocross”.

Heidi started racing when she was 16, and the reason was that she crashed her brothers bike one night and she was immediately hooked. Motocross took her to many different locations. She traveled to the USA, Bermuda and even as far as Dubai. Heidi rides for KTM Canada and Freedom Cycle wearing the # 1.

She won the Women pro Nationals- overall in 2009 at Kamloops, BC. For many years she wrote a column for a Canadian Moto Magazine called IMX. Motocross also took her into the film world as a stunt double in a half dozen films. She spent three months in Montreal filming a major motion picture.

She has met and raced with amazing women.

Induction Date
November 5, 2011