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Jack Way

Jack Way


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Mr. Way started his racing career in 1957 as a drag racer where he competed at Maitland, Drag City, Cayuga and in Niagara Falls where he won a ‘King of the Hill’ event. In 1970 he moved to stock car racing where he competed against fellow MMHF inductees Junior Hanley and Terry Clattenburg and competed at a long list of tracks including Drag City, Cayuga, and Beech Ridge. His lifelong love for automobiles extended to his professional life where he sold cars and at the age of 19 had his own Studebaker dealership, Dolphin Motors. He owned several dealerships Nova Scotia and Ontario and was a pioneer in the auto export business. In 1980 he was invited to join a handful of dealers on Chrysler Canada’s Advisory Board where he worked with Lee Iacocca to help resolved industry problems.

Induction Date
November 16, 2013
Drag Car & Stock Car, Competitor