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Larry Northrup | Fred Northrup

Larry Northrup | Fred Northrup


New Brunswick


If you enjoy touring the streets, riding in the mountains or cruisin’ on the trails, Toys For Big Boys has the products you’re looking for.€

Fred Northrup became part of the Motor Sports world back in the late 1960’s when he became the welder in the pits at River Glade Speedway on race night.

Fred founded Toys For Big Boys in 1968 with a passion for mechanics and laid the foundation for one of the most successful businesses in the Moncton area.

The story of Toys For Big Boys is one of father and son. His son, Larry is now the President. Larry worked his way up from the ground level, starting as a boy. They have been very supportive of many groups and organizations by sponsoring Bikers and other motorsports. Larry, himself, raced professionally in CMA and Vet Master motocross. He is also a partner of River Glade Motorsports Park.

Induction Date
November 14, 2009