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Luxor Shriners Mini Kar Unit

Luxor Shriners Mini Kar Unit


Moncton, New Brunswick


Their motto – “Having fun and helping kids. We drive so kids can walk”…

Notable achievements:

The Luxor Mini Kar Unit started in 1977 with 10 Shriner members who purchased their own miniature Model T style cars

Since then they have helped raise more than $100,000 to enable the Luxor Shriners to transport patients to Shriners Hospitals for free care

They participate in parades throughout the Maritimes, Ontario, and the USA; attending more than 20 special events each summer

Of special interest:

The Mini Kar Unit has won many awards and is recognized by the Provincial Shrine Executive

In the early 90s, the Unit purchased the original mini ‘kars’ from the members who had paid for them in 1977; these vehicles were used until 2003 when a new fiberglass bodied vintage micro car with Honda power was designed and built by a Moncton-based Shriner. These new vehicles were purchased with the help of local businesses.

Induction Date
Date: November 17, 2012