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Nickerson Family

Nickerson Family

Don, Norma, Barry, & Glenn


Nova Scotia


It all began one Saturday in 1984 when a friend brought a gas-powered race kart to the Natal Day soapbox car race. The next Saturday, they had bought a Margay Kart from Hubbard track owner, Winston Shatford.

Barry (16) raced it in the Senior Class and Glen (14) raced it in the Junior Class. Since then, they have had multiple Maritime and Club Championships and great success at the National level. Don and Norma became very much involved and were two of the founding members of the Atlantic Motorsports Karters Association. Norma was Treasurer and Don was Technical Director.

Besides taking care of the money, Norma spoke at the driver’s meetings to make sure things were organized. Don operated Don’s Kart Pit Stop and made sure the racers had the parts they needed at the track. He has been called “Grand-Daddy of Atlantic Karting”

Since the early ’80’s, karting has come a long way.

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November 18, 2006