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Paul Chenard

Paul Chenard



Fredericton, NB


He began his claim to fame with his artwork of Formula 1 racecars in 2006. His awards have come from the Maritimes, National, and International. He has been represented in the UK by probably the most important automotive art gallery in the world, the Historic Car Art Gallery, they supply the finest automotive and motorsport art from internationally acclaimed artists. John Haynes, founder of the Haynes Publishing acquired one of Paul’s art pieces to decorate his home.

Paul is one of a kind automobile artist. He has written, illustrated, designed, and published the books “Silver Clouds” (now sold out); “Ferrari In Art” and has done numerous magazine features.

He does not limit himself to any one medium. He has also done art commissions of motorcycles, aircraft, and cars.

Induction Date
November 16, 2019