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Raymond Roach

Raymond Roach


New Brunswick


1970 Raymond began racing at Esta Safety Park, New York with a ’57 Chev. Won Trophy Championship.

1975 he moved back to New Brunswick. Rolled the ’57 at Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI.

1977 first run with ’67 Camaro at Oyster Bed Bridge, on Thanksgiving weekend.

1987 Maitland Track Champion for Firestone Series in Pennsylvania.

1988 Most Dedicated Drag Racer in Atlantic Canada from Maitland Dragway.

1980’s &’90’s Championships at different tracks.

1989 Married on starting line in Maitland.

1998 ADRA’s Presidents Award for a positive attitude to the sport.

2000 & ’07 Miramichi track champ

2008 winner Top Sportsman and King of the Hill Scoudouc Reunion Race.

Raymond has always helped and encouraged other racers.

Induction Date
November 6, 2010