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Hinson Ashe

Hinson Ashe


Moncton, New Brunswick


Hinson was the first to build and run a 65 Mustang in Canada, according to Wheel Spin News back in the 60s. His first cars were 55 and 56 Fords until sponsorship from Casey Ford, they supplied him with the Mustangs. It was rare to build Ford stock cars as the motors cost more to build… but they never blew up as much as the high-winding Chevs. He won his share of races and Mid-Season races. Stockcar racing was 1 of his greatest pleasures. Took part in most competitive sports. Nearly 100 man-hours went into the construction of his sleek Cobra-powered Mustang He raced River Glade Speedway, McEwen’s Raceways, Danny’s Speedbowl (Bathurst), and Shediac Speedway NB, Yarmouth Speedway NS. He always raced his opponents clean.

Induction Date
November 18, 2022