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Robert (Bob) Beer

Robert (Bob) Beer


Prince Edward Island


Motto “Careless Wheels”

Bob did most of his racing on dirt tracks in the 1960 and ’70’s. He raced at many of the PEI tracks: Montague, Covehead, Freetown, Charlottetown Speedway and Raceway Park.

He raced a few occasions at the old Shediac track in NB and Harve Boucher track in NS.

Bob was what stock car racing was all about, the crashes, the bangs, feuds, the many stories, checkered flags, trophies, but most of all he thrilled the fans.

He occasionally used parts from the parking lot, but replaced them.

With Bob and his #6 it was “Love him or Hate him”.

Bob won three Season Championships, one in his bright orange Dodge half-ton truck at Charlottetown Speedway. He had many triple wins.

Bob liked to start at the back and charge to the front.

Bob raced to win every time out!

Induction Date
November 15, 2008