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Raymond (Ray) Bastille

Raymond (Ray) Bastille


Moncton, New Brunswick


Ray started Autocross in 1988. Became D Stock National Champion in 1991 and was rated 3rd overall. 2008 he was B Stock Class Champion. Ray has competed in and organized Auto slalom events at the club, region and national level since 1988. He has competed in and organized TSD rallies at club and region level since 1990. Ray has held the position of starter at region level road races at Atlantic Motorsport Park several times. He is a past member of Motorsport Marshalling Services, worked as a safety marshal, corner captain and communication operator at Sanair, Mosport, AMP, Halifax IRL Street races. His contribution includes: Recreational, Road Challenge, Rally, Sports Car. National Class Champion B Stock Autocross National Class Champion D Autocross Overall Regional Champion multiple times Autocross Regional Class Champion numerous times, Past President Moncton Motor Sports Club Multiple Terms as Regional Solo Director. Organizer Slalom at Slalom since 1995 (25 years).

Induction Date
November 18, 2022