Selection Process

Nominations are invited and encouraged from all.

Nominations for the current year celebration must be received by April 1. Any individual may submit a nomination. Each nomination is valid for three consecutive years. The Nomination Committee will review all nominations and select the inductees (as many as 10 any given year).

A detailed account of the nominee’s contributions to Maritime motorsports must be provided. Championships, honours, awards, achievements and other recognitions with dates should be included. Further information for your nomination may be required.

Final selection will take place by September 1 and the names will be first released to the person making the nomination and then made public via media and other outlets including our website.


Each recipient will be chosen based on outstanding contribution to their particular discipline in Maritime motorsport. It is important that we honour members of the Maritime motorsport industry who have been meaningful to its development.


Competitor, All Motorsports (Drivers/Riders)
Must have excelled in motorsport skills; attained prominence in the Maritimes and/or National or International level; performed in such a way as to bring honour to the Maritimes and to motorsports in general.

Recreational (Snowmobiles, ATV, Motorcycles)

Restoration & Specialties (Any Motorized Vehicle)

Motorsports Builders (Including Officials, Promoters, Sponsors, Media, and Clubs)
One who has made an outstanding contribution to Maritime motorsports heritage and culture; has shown ongoing dedication to the building of the sport itself.

The members of the team will be inducted as a group. Must have worked together to show team effort and sportsmanship. The team must have attained a high level of excellence and brought honour to the Maritimes and to motorsports.

Nomination Form